Exercise V3.0 and the American Oak
Project description

The final version of the “exercise” series is now available. Exercise V3.0 is the last one in our search for the perfect Gin recipe. A little earthier and more influence from the kardemom makes this Gin stand out from it’s two predescessors V1.0 and V2.0. ¬†After this we will present out “standard” Wagging Finger Gin recipe. The one that will always be available…exiting times over? No way, more ageing experiments on the way and lot’s of different recipes to play with in the near future…So don’t worry limited editions will be available.

The “American Oak” is a Gin that deserves more than a Gin&Tonic. This one is enjoyed neat. Only 6 weeks of maturation in two 130L new American Oak casks. And they leave a disctint mark. Six weeks is short enough to maintain the freshnes of the citrus but long enough for a nice wood influence that leaves traces of spices, fresh ginger and even a little smokiness. It thrusts the juniper and kardemom in the Gin to new heights. In our opinion a very successful first try on ageing out Gins.