Wagging Finger....time for a new chapter!

Wagging Finger Distillery has opened its doors in Deventer. But Wagging Finger is more than just a new distillery. Wagging Finger is a platform, a community of like-minded individuals that want to share their knowledge and passion. Individuals who want to participate in the distillery and share and discuss their ideas in our tastingroom.

Wagging Finger is Dutch tradition, it is our Calvinistic character with a big dose of self-mockery. Wagging Finger “wags” its finger to the big industrial distilling companies and warns…

brace yourselves, the rebels are coming

Follow our journey from the modest start in 2016 to a fully operational distillery in 2017/2018. The first Gins have hit the market and soon we will be distilling own alcohol to grow into Genever and Whisky…!

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address: Zwolseweg 256, 7412Av, Deventer, The Netherlands

telephone: 0031 (0)6 81500577

email: info@waggingfinger.com